Dental Technology

  • CEREC® CAD/CAM Ceramic Restoration

    CEREC® is a computer-aided design and ceramic tooth restoration system. This revolutionary technology, (also known as CAD/CAM), allows Dr. Chan to restore damaged teeth with precision made, natural tooth-colored restorations in one visit. It eliminates the need for impressions, temporary crowns, or multiple appointments.

  • Computerized Digital Radiography

    Commonly known as “digital x-rays”, Computerized Digital Radiography utilizes an electronic sensor instead of traditional x-ray film, which delivers superior images instantly on the monitor. More importantly, digital x-rays use 90% less radiation than conventional film x-rays.

  • Intraoral Camera

    Intraoral cameras allow our dental team to more easily identify and explain problems with your teeth and gums. A small camera placed in your mouth creates images on a computer screen that you and our dentist can view together, giving you a clear image of what’s going on. This technology allows us to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and the treatment options that may be the most beneficial to your needs.